LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — With WIFI being the standard in almost every home nowadays, its important that you know how to protect your home WIFI network from potential hackers.

News Ten’s Sylvia Masters spoke with the Better Business Bureau’s Chris Babin about protecting your home WIFI network.

“If you have your own WIFI network of course you want it to be secure, to where you have to put in a password to access it because if somebody can get into that WIFI network they can potentially access other devices that are also on the network,” said Babin.

Its important to always make sure that you’re connecting to something that is secure when setting up a network at home or an office. You should change the default password and never use your real name or address when you rename your WIFI network.

“Set it up to be a secure network that you have to put in a password before you can access it,” said Babin.

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