LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — With home security systems becoming more popular as more affordable options are available, its important to make sure no one else can access them.

News Ten’s Sylvia Masters spoke with the Better Business Bureau’s Chris Baben about how consumers can keep hackers from accessing their security systems.

“These cameras that can be accessed through WIFI are definitely something that people want to be mindful of. Is it connected to a secure network, is it something that the password is unique to so not everyone can access those cameras? That’s something that you want to make sure you look out for,” said Babin.

Consumers should always be careful where they place these cameras and should never place a camera facing a home desk, computer screen, in a bedroom or bathroom.

“Just because these cameras can be accessed, potentially if they’re not secure through somebody who doesn’t have the best intentions in mind, you want to make sure cameras are covered if they’re not in use. Or if it’s a security camera, be mindful of what it’s looking at, if it’s inside the home, where it’s facing, what information and video somebody could access if they could get into what that camera is viewing,” said Babin.