LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Scammers are posing as Geek Squad and Norton reps to steal your personal information. One local resident personally experienced this scam when he received a fake invoice that appeared to be from Best Buy’s Geek Squad.

Ricky Derouen says he received an email with an invoice that looked like it was from Geek Squad, but he knew it wasn’t legitimate because he never employed their services. He was able to call his bank and ask them not to allow any attempted charges to go through because this was a scam.

“I knew it wasn’t legitimate because I didn’t purchase it… the Geek Squad, the antivirus or anything like that and I called Best Buy and told them about it and they said, ‘no I wasn’t the only one.’ She said we’ve had several people call us about this,'” Derouen told Sylvia Masters.

The Better Business Bureau says scammers take advantage of the good reputations other businesses have built just to make quick cash.

“Scammers love to represent reputable agencies or pretend they’re with reputable organizations to try to steal our money and information and we’ve had some victims locally here in Acadiana fall victim to a scam where scammers are posing to be with a reputable organization Best Buy and their IT Branch of their organization, Geek Squad,” said Chris Babin of the BBB.

Here’s how you can protect yourself from tech support imposters:

  • Hang up the phone. Ignore the message or delete the email. Then block the phone number or email address so they can’t contact you again.
  • Keep track of your subscription services. Make note of when your subscription renew and how the company contacts you.
  • Be on the lookout. Scammers are good at playing pretend. They can disguise their phone numbers, create fake invoices, and more.
  • Contact the company before taking any action. You can always verify whether the communication is legitimate by reaching out to the company directly using an official phone number or email address.

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