LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Scammers have always used social media profiles or phony numbers to try and get money. The Better Business Bureau warns of a new scam that may feel a little more believable at first.

Scammers are now ‘spoofing’, or duplicating, contacts in your phone to make the message look like it’s coming from someone you know. As always ‘Mom’ or ‘Dad’ will request an urgent money transfer to buy something. Scammers hope you won’t think twice before jumping to solve your loved ones’ problem.

“Your phone automatically tries to figure out who that person is so it’ll show that contact that you have saved as the person texting you, however, if you typically text that person, and you have some type of conversation history, that won’t actually be there because it’s not that actual number texting you,” says Chris Babin of the BBB.

Here are some tips so that you can spot fake emergency texts:

  • Look for new message threads. If you text with a person regularly, previous conversations should be visible.
  • Double check sender info. Look up their names in your contact list and call to confirm.
  • Call your parents to confirm the story.
  • If you suspect a scam, don’t answer the message to avoid being targeted for future scams.