LAFAYETTE, La (KLFY) — Scammers are now targeting people with events that are not taking place. Residents in the area have reported receiving information from scammers, who hope they will pay to attend an event that does not exist.

People have reported receiving phony invitations to the “Women’s Leadership Summit.” The way scammers are working is that they send emails to work email addresses, personal email addresses claiming to be an event organizer.

In one case the scammer claimed to be in charge of putting on a women’s leadership conference. While claiming to have come across an individual’s Linkedln profile and viewing their resume. The scammer then states that the individual would be a great candidate to attend, and all they need to do is pay just a little bit of money.

Then instructions are given to submit credit card information for an event that does not exist.

“A lot of the communications that we’ve received is that they’ve reviewed their resume or their personal information and that they are one of the select candidates. They have some attributes or qualifications that they haven’t been able to find in other people so of course, makes the consumer feel good about themselves and of course in the end you have to pay money to attend this summit.” Chris Babinbb of Acadiana explained.

Here is how you can avoid scams:

  • Research events before you opt-in. Search the event name online and look for reviews and comments from people who have already attended or purchased tickets.
  • Watch out for phishing scams. Scammers love to send professional-looking emails to unsuspecting consumers that include links to events and prizes.
  • Check for contact information. Legitimate companies should have a real website with more than just vague claims.

If you have a scam you’d like me to investigate, feel free to send Sylvia Masters an email at