LAFAYETTE,La. (KLFY)– Although many people turn to dating apps for companionship, these apps are where some of the biggest threats can hide.

“With the increase in technology, there’s a lot of new applications to help people connect sometimes for personal and relationship reasons and we just want to remind people that you’re really not sure who you’re talking to on there. It’s not always who it appears to be so you have to be careful what you share with them,” Chris Babin of the BBB of Acadiana says.

Blackmailers are on dating sites and experts are warning to not send any compromised photos to people online unless you know who exactly you’re dealing with.

Babin says sending compromised photos can result in blackmailers demanding money in exchange for the safety of your secret, compromised photos.

If you cooperate, you’ll lose your money and there’s no guarantee scammers will delete the images. Scammers will continue contacting you asking you for money.

“Another twist on this would be somebody that’s not even real making you feel as though you you’re building a relationship with somebody and you begin to grow emotionally with that person and then they start asking money so you have to be really careful on these applications.”

Some quick tips to avoid dating app scams include:

  • Never share your personal information with someone you just met.
  • Wait until you know and trust the person, and have preferably met them in person.
  • Think before you share photos.
  • Don’t pay scammers. Even if you pay them, there’s no guarantee they will delete photos.
  • People aren’t always who they seem to be in real life, and on the internet that risk is even greater.

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