LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Everyone loves a deal, but some things are just too good to be true. Scammers are now impersonating well-known companies and offering discounts. According to Chris Babin with the BBB of Acadiana, there have been several reports of people getting messages from providers like AT&T apologizing for outages and promising rewards. Once customers fill out information to get their reward, they are left vulnerable.

The messages claim that the company wants to help its customers with a good deal due to the pandemic. The rewards offered could range from cash to discounted services or gift cards. Attached is also a link to claim your rewards. These links may lead to lookalike websites.

“When you click on a link, you’re never really sure what type of malware or something could be downloaded on your phone, but these reports have been asking for information. One more specifically, payment information for shipping and handling of the reward that they’re going to be sending you. Of course, the item never shows up. The card information is now compromised. They might charge it initially, and then they now have your credit card information for the future if you don’t catch it,” Babin said.

Here are some tips from the BBB on how to avoid text message scams:

  • Don’t click on links from strangers.
  • Call the company directly.
  • Use good judgement.

If you have a scam you’d like me to investigate, feel free to send me an email at