LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– According to the CDC, parents can continue to protect their children from hurt, harm, and danger with vaccines. The CDC reports that vaccines will prevent 21 million hospitalizations and over 700,000 deaths among children born in the last 20 years.

Our Lady of Lourdes here in Lafayette is hosting a Shots for Tots vaccination event to contribute to the life-saving efforts.

Dr. Nicholas George, Pediatric Specialist at Our Lady of Lourdes, says vaccines have eliminated diseases that would cause death among children many years ago, which is why vaccines remain important.

Children are exposed to thousands of germs daily through food, touch, and just in the air. Dr. George says that strengthening your child’s immune system is the key to preventing fatal illnesses. Vaccines will help a child’s immune system recognize and fight any threat.

“When we give you a vaccine. We are actually giving the child a deadened part of that.
Or even a piece of that protein that the virus makes, so their body can respond to it and build an immunity,” Dr. George says.

Dr. George also noted that vaccines are not just to protect your child, but also the children around them. Some people cannot be vaccinated due to other medical conditions. By ensuring that your child is vaccinated, they can protect themselves and others who are not.

The next date of the Shots for Tots Vaccination Clinic is March 18. Vaccines will be administered from 9 a.m. to noon for only $10 at 4704 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy. For more information, call (337)-470-5437.