MAURICE, La. (KLFY)– Mia Braseaux, 15, lives the normal teenage lifestyle. She goes to school, enjoys her social life and plays sports. A sudden diagnosis when she was just a baby means that Mia may have some trouble keeping up her normal life.

Mia was born with Usher Syndrome, a rare 12 type disease that affects both hearing and vision varying in degrees of severity

Her mother, Brooke Brasseaux, explained, “It starts with tunnel vision, then night blindness, and depending on the severity, they may completely lose their vision.”

To the naked eye, you cant tell Mia is deaf and suffers from vision loss, but the diagnoses impacts her day-to day life from the time she wakes up.

Brooke said “Every morning I have to go in her room and I have to physically tap her to wake her up.”

Mia also suffers in the classroom. Brooke said although her 15-year-old’s school accommodates her, “There is definitely more awareness needed in case of an emergency.”

Mia said living with Usher Syndrome would be tougher if she did not have Cochlear implants.
A surgically implanted electronic device that improves hearing, which she received at the age of one.

Although managing day-to-day can be a hassle, both Brooke and Mia said their focus is raising awareness for the common but rare disease.

Mia is a part of a local organization called Ush One See. The non-profit raises awareness for the disease and funds for a potential cure. The organization is hosting their annual one mile 5k run on September 17th in River ranch.

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