LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Local Hair practitioner, author and life coach, Dr. Enola Pillard specializes in treatment from the inside out.

As a trichologist, she treats scalp disorders and hair loss. Helping men, women and children regain confidence through hair growth.

Pillard says the main cause of premature hair loss in women, men and children is stress.

“The really touching ones are children,” Pillard said. “Because when it’s with children most of the time it’s attached to something they are dealing with emotionally.”

Which is why she focuses on a holistic approach to healing.

“That’s why I became a life coach, because sometimes it requires a lifestyle change,” she said. “It may be your eating habits, sleeping habits, exercise habits, illness.”

Pillard says there are several treatment options depending on the cause. However, not all treatments result in hair growth.

Other options can be wearing protective hairstyles and accessories like scarves or hats.

As an educator in her field, Pillard not only helps anyone who sits in her beauty salon chair. She also spends time mentoring and educating other professionals on the topic of holistic hair care.

She has published several women’s empowerment, leadership and hair care tip books, with more to come.

Pillard encourages anyone who is suffering from hair loss or stress to get help immediately, manage stress and educate yourself.

For more about Pillard and her services visit her website,