LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — In this addition of eye on health, Danielle Duncan speaks with a local healthcare professional about the importance of breastfeeding.

New Ten’s Danielle Duncan talked to one local lactation specialist, Tracy Venable with Lady of Lourdes Womens and Childrens, about why the longer you breastfeed the better.

“Moms milk is always the first and the best thing because of the nutrition that is present,” said Venable.

This is why Venable encourages and supports expecting mothers in breastfeeding. While other options like formula may be more convenient, Venable says breastfeeding offers benefits to both the mom and baby.

For mom it helps decrease risks of certain cancers and illnesses and lowers risks of postpartum complications. It also helps to release oxytocin, known as the feel good hormone.

“It can instill in her a calmness and linked to increase affection and positive communication,” said Venable.

Breastfeeding your baby also provides them with the nutrients they need for optimum health.

“It boost their immune system, it helps protect them from certain viruses and it supports their brain production,” said Venable.

Unfortunately breastfeeding is not always an easy decision or comes natural to all mothers.
Which is why Venable says support is vital before, during and after the breastfeeding experience.

They are learning, the baby doesn’t know and the mom doesn’t know so they need that support,” Venable added.

In many cases due to the mom or baby being ill or having other health complications, breastfeeding is not an option. However their is still a way for your child to get the proper nutrients through breastmilk before opting out for formula, like breast pumping.

“If a mom is having trouble breastfeeding the next best thing is for the mom to use a breast pump. Mom’s milk is the first and the best thing because of all of the nutrition in it,” Venable stated.