LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Our Lady of Lourdes Women’s and Children’s hospital is unveiling a new helping hand.

The Our Lady of Lourdes team has a new helping hand, well in this case, four. The DaVinci XI, a robotic surgical system, helps to continue the advancement of minimally invasive surgeries.

Patients undergoing certain gynecologic procedures at the hospital can expect to get back to their lives faster thanks to the new technology.

Alesha Alford says the 4th generation DaVinci surgical system improves the process and outcome of complex procedures.

“Traditionally hysterectomies have had a longer stay in the hospital. They are in a lot of pain. They are usually on a P-C pump to help manage their pain. Where as you have something minimally invasive for a hysterectomy. They are going home the same day and their pain level is much better than someone who had the traditional hysterectomy surgery,” said Alford.

The system can be used across a spectrum of minimally invasive surgeries as well as consult with surgeons across the globe and record for teaching purposes through it’s built in hub.

“More and more surgeries are utilizing this robotic technology. It’s already being taught in residency for medical students. The are coming out of residency knowing how to use the robot,” said Alford.

The DaVinci XI helps to create a natural extension for the surgeons eyes and hands.
With open access to the patients enabled by four arms with an extended range of motion.

The our Lady of Lourdes team is still in the process of naming their new team member.

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