LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — November is national diabetes month but is best known for the thanksgiving holiday . Where families feast all types of home cooked dishes.

News 10 spoke with registered dietician Bianca Coats about diabetes and some of the misinformation around it.

“A lot of people think you get diabetes from eating too much sugar,” said Coats.

Bianca says managing your diabetes is connected to managing your weight. Doctors try to promote certain lifestyle changes when a patient is diagnosed with diabetes.

It isn’t just about eating less sugar, which is a common misconception. Changes to consider include healthier food options, portion control and getting active.

“As adults we want to make sure we exercise at least 30 minutes a day,” Coats explained. “Size does matter sometime but as long as you are getting that exercise daily to balance your weight along with what you are eating.”

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