LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– After 16 rounds of chemo, a double mastectomy, and reconstructive surgery, Ashley Green is sharing her story as a warning to other women.

Most doctors recommend that women wait until the age of 40 to get their first mammogram. In Ashley Green’s case, the age of 40 was too long to wait. Green remembers receiving a call from her doctor after an annual check-up to tell her she had 1B Breast Cancer at the age of 31. She was terrified at first.

“You hear the stories and you think that any cancer is a death sentence. I was fearful for my life until I did my research and felt confident that I would beat this,” she said.

Green advises women that early detection is key. Dr. Gerard Ballanco, Director of Radiology at Opelousas General agrees. To help advance the fight against breast cancer, Dr. Ballanco uses the mammomat revelation. The mammomat is an innovative mammagrophy system. The system has 3D imaging which is more accurate, helping doctors detect cancers they probably couldn’t have detected before.

“It allow us to take several images through the breast from the outside to the inside where we can focus on one part at a time rather than focusing on one image,” Dr. Ballanco says of the machine.

Both Ashley Green and Dr. Ballanco say it’s important to get a breast screening once a year and do self breast exams once a month.