LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) –We have got an update to a Dial Dalfred investigation about D R Horton Homes allegedly being inadequately built for Louisiana weather, as both sides appeared in court Monday.

As many of you know, hundreds of Louisiana families have joined a class action lawsuit against D R Horton after having multiple problems with their newly constructed homes.

Some of those issues include mold, mildew, and leaking windows dangerously close to electrical sockets.

And, that one child developed asthma after exposure to those harmful conditions.

In court, a lawyer representing D.R. Horton said the contract that the homeowners signed clearly states that all claims against the company must go to arbitration. describes what an arbitration entails

The lawyers representing some of the homeowners say that the contract was violated when DR Horton did not disclose that the homes were not being built for Louisiana’s humid environment.

The plaintiff attorneys then pointed out that arbitration is typically secret and that future homeowners would never know the outcome.

Now, homeowners says they look forward to their day in court to challenge D.R. Hortons attempt to arbitrate.

19th Judicial District Judge Don Johnson is expected to deliver his ruling next week.