LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – When there’s new development on the Northside of Lafayette, it’s usually something people get excited about. In this case, a 100+ unit apartment complex for low to moderate income families, you can imagine what the demand may be.

But after paying for an application fee, and a deposit, potential rentals haven’t been able to reach anyone about their future homes. We’re getting answers in tonight’s Dial Dalfred report.

For a little more than 2 years, West Park Apartments on Willow Street have been under construction. And in February, Ashley Broussard saw an opportunity to create a better life for her family

“Being a single parent, trying to find something better for my kids”, Broussard said.

She applied for housing, which cost her and every other applicant $350

Broussard said, “The $50 is for the application fee and the 300 was the security deposit.”

Ashley wasn’t alone. Majiadah Charles found herself in the same situation. Attracted to the new build and a home closer to family, she applied in January and was told she would be moving in on February 1.

Charles told News 10, “I was very patient about it until someone else spoke up. I was being patient, so I just got agitated. My girls are ready for a new home”.

Both women said they’ve had a difficult time either reaching someone or getting a refunded.

News 10 sent an email to the Louisiana Housing Corporation hoping to get answers.

They responded the very next day with an estimated completion day and a person of contact.

“It is scheduled to have units on line. As of today (5/23/23) we still don’t have units. Most of the new delays have been around delayed inspections, delayed products, subcontractors not showing up when they are supposed to, etcetera”, Laura White, Executive VP with Rampart Multifamily Management told us in a conversation over the phone.

Of the five times we called the number posted at the leasing office, we only weren’t able the leave a message the first time called. Each time in the following days, we were able to record voicemail.

White said, “We’ve been refunding security deposits from anyone who has found a housing elsewhere or could not wait since we were unable to give them an exact move in date.”

White told News 10 that at the end of May, the developer would be taking over managerial duties.

After a few calls with White, upper management reached out to me and assured us they would make things right for any potential tenant wanting their money back. In fact, I was told, they told want anyone with trepidation, or fear, that they may have been scammed.

If you want your refund, you can request it by calling 337-345-8089.

If there’s an ongoing issue in your neighborhood or community and you need me to investigate, send me an email at