LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — A judge has sent the class action lawsuit filed by many Louisiana families back to state court.

In March of 2022 we introduced you to a couple Youngsville families who made claims home builder, D.R. Horton sold them defective homes.

You may recall the Pollock family sharing their laundry list of issues with the home.

“In the fall of 2016 they replaced that pair of windows and took it upon themselves to also replace our foyer window and on New Year’s eve of 2016 going into ’17, we had water leaking so bad out of the foyer window, that wasn’t leaking in the first place, that it was behind the paint and it was also coming out from the inside of the light switches to the point where it scared us enough that we turned off the circuit breakers in the house because it became a fire hazard and everything was arcing inside of it,” said the Pollock family.

Forced out of their home by the conditions, the Pollocks made a couple moves and have now settled in Georgia, but are still very much entangled in this case.

While slow moving, Attorney Lance Ungelsby says they made a huge step toward progress.

“Judge Jackson, in Baton Rouge, middle district, made a very well reasoned ruling sending the case back to state court where it belongs. That’s the place where these Louisiana homeowners can get their day in court,” said Ungelsby.

The legal team now plans to move for class certification, get the arbitration in open court, and are hoping for a quick trial date

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