DELHI, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Welcome to the Wild Country Safari Park, where they specialize in getting up, close, and personal with wildlife…giving you the real safari experience. Now grab your safari gear and animal feed and let’s take a walk on the wild side.

“There is nothing to be afraid of. We do not have animals that would hurt you or we would not have you back there with them,” said Denny Cahanin, Tour Guide at Wild Country Safari Park.

The park is an open animal enclosure. This means just like in the wild, all the exotic animals run together freely. Families are able to either drive through the park in their personal car — or on a guided tour. Either way, you get to enjoy these majestic creatures at arm’s length without getting out of the car.

“The animals actually just come up to the window and you feed them out of a cup. You don’t get to do that in many places,” said Debbie Broadway, Manager of Wild Country Safari Park.

Roughly 500 animals and 30 different species call this place home.

“In the tour area, we have the large animals. We have water buffalo, bison, camels, zebra, zedonks, and 7 different types of deer,” said Broadway.

On the guided tour, you will learn all about the lifestyle and habitats of some of those animals. The family-owned business welcomed the Northeast Louisiana community to the animal kingdom at the end of 2011, after Travis and Kathy Broadway bought the place. Since then, every animal there has become part of the Broadway family.

“My brother just said “Hey, I need you to come and stay a few weeks and see what you think.” Well, it turned into 7 years and it’s because I love the animals,” said Broadway.

Officials say this drive-through is very educational for kids because not only do they get to interact with the animals but learn about the animals as well.

“One of the animals took the cup out of my hand. It’s always the camel,” said a kid who went through the drive-through safari.

“I really enjoy the people, especially the children who come. Most of them would never experience these types of animals, so it’s very rewarding,” said Broadway.

But the safari experience doesn’t stop there. In the welcome center, you’ll not only be greeted by human beings…but birds, chinchillas, and bearded dragons. Then grab some feed and head outside to the 2 petting zoos. There you will find goats, kangaroos, deer, ostriches, and so much more!

The wild country safari park is open Tuesday through Sunday, all year long. The pricing depends on a few things, including how old you are and which drive-through option you chose. To see the pricing, click here.