LAFAYETTE, La (KLFY) — It’s summertime and that means the Boys and Girls Clubs of Acadiana are busy with summer programming.

“Our youth of the year that’s representing our organization this year is from New Iberia and he came up with the idea of having all of our clubs come together and playing in a flag football tournament,” says Brian Ford the Club director in Vermillion Parish.

Zykeiveyun Narcisse is the 2021 youth of the year for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Acadiana. He’s been going to the club since he was seven. He created a panel of other club members to talk about what they wanted to see for the future of the clubs, including this flag football tournament.

“It all came with doubt because I never knew if we were really going to do this. As time progressed it came together and we’re here now. I watch them grow, I watch and see how hard they work. I think they earned it,” says Zy.

When summer started club directors didn’t know exactly what summer programming would look like. With the mask mandates lifted they were able to do activities like this flag football tournament with kids from across Acadiana.

Ford explains, “Kids have needs that need to be met. Kids don’t know if the economy as well, they just wanna be safe and have fun and that’s what we continue to try to do here at the Boys and Girls Club. We just wanna continue to give them opportunities no matter what’s going on in the world.”

The Championship game will be played at the end of July.