90 Plus: Julius “JoJo” Hebert


Former two-term Baldwin Mayor and veteran Julius “JoJo” Hebert talks about life and his one wish.

“I love to dance. I love to play golf but I got a lot of yard and housework to do. I do it all,” Hebert said.

Hebert enjoys living life in the zone and also between two towns. “I live between ‘betwixt’ that’s Baldwin and Charenton (laughs).”

the former Baldwin mayor can be found at the Belleview golf and country club in Franklin.

“That’s how it goes. Some days you got it and some days you don’t.”

He says it was community service that led him to politics.

“I got involved in everything. I organized the Lions Club there.  I had baseball for kids and I was a scout leader,” Hebert added.

JoJo says he was born in Biloxi, Mississippi.

“My family moved there because of the hard times; to work in a shrimp factor and an oyster factory.”

Like many other young men, at age 18 Hebert was drafted to serve and fight in WWII.

“I went on the front lines after they got France cleared and then we went on from there.”

He explains that when he tried to get records of his second tour of duty, the records couldn’t be found.

“They had a fire in Washington. The second part of my military duty was burned up but I know what I was doing.”

Hebert and his wife who since passed had five children. He says he earned a living working for an oil company.

These day he has one wish.

“I would like to get back in Europe go right where I started in battle at and see what it looks like.”

At 94-years-old, his focus is on his grandchildren.  He wants them to understand the game of life and how to live right.

“I say follow my advice and follow my life.  I had a good life,” Hebert added.

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