LAFAYETTE,La.(KLFY)-South Louisiana Giving Day allows churches, non-profits and schools across South-West Louisiana to utilize an online giving system to receive donations from the communities they serve daily”

“Folks want to invest in good non-profit organizations and we’ve got a powerful list of organizations throughout our region to which folks can make contributions today, say’s Raymond Hebert, CEO of The Community Foundation of Acadiana

In five years up to $5-million have been donated. This year there are 195 participating organizations.
Close to 100 organizations have match donations.

“Almost 500,000 in matches already committed to non-profit organizations that raise an equal or a greater amount, mentioned Hebert”

Red Bird Ministries out of Breaux Bridge is a faith based grief support group serving families who’ve experienced the loss of a child.

Founder and director Kelly Breaux says,” We serve a large number of people and so having the community to respond to that need is just a reminder of the goodness of Acadiana.”

The William C. Schumacher Family Foundation prides it’s self on community connection.
As co-founders of Love our Schools, extra funds allocated from SOLA giving day allows the organization to poor back into the school system.

” We had all but two schools that met their match last year. this year 100% are participating so we are very excited about that, said executive director Erica Ray

The HUB Lafayette Urban Ministries has a mission to give everyone in the area access to a restored life.
donations from SOLA giving day allows them to continue expanding their current love well project.

“We are working on completing some re-construction to offer access to four major resources, explains Director Teri Gore

The way to access those essential needs is through accountability and service.

“All of those resources can be redeemed through points that are earned. those points are earned by taking self help classes or you can bring in your check-stub and we give you points for the hours worked”, says Gore

SOLA giving ends at 11:59PM. Visit the online giving platform to match or make a donation.