LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)- It’s been 15-years in the making. From the area starting as a heavily wooded area and as some might remember it- a horse farm- it’s now been transformed into the new Moncus Park.

The park started as a vision just before 2005. Now the vision is finally unfolding.

The park is scheduled to open in summer of 2021. While it looks like a mound of grass from Johnston Street, there’s more than the eye can see, hidden behind the grass.

News 10 took a tour of what the park currently looks like. It was no walk in the park, so we hopped on a golf cart and rode around. The first stop, called Ravine Garden.

“Other than what we just built, it’s one of my favorite parts of the park,” executive director Elizabeth Brooks, said.

It’s acres of trails and forests. This area has yet to be completely developed as they’re waiting for a donor to invest in it.

Brooks said, “Think about it, we’re here in the middle of the city. You can’t hear anything but bugs and birds. I mean, look at this three-story drop off- so wild and so special.” Before the area was cleared, there was a pair of foxes that roamed the area. Brooks said they’re still there. It’s only part of the wildlife you’ll be able to see.

“Whole families, like duck families with their babies. We’ve even seen a little alligator in there. Life finds a way,” she said.

Another part of the park, Lake Reaux. They plan on allowing people to fish in the area, however, it will be a catch and release only. Brooks said there will eventually be plans to allow people to rent out fishing poles.

Overlooking most of the park, you can climb up Prospect Mound. Though, it’s more like a mountain. “You can get halfway back and feel so far outside of the city. You can barely see any structures around and the further back you go, the more that gets to be true,” she said.

There is also a park, inside of the park, for dogs. It will be an off-leash area. There a plans to make interchangeable days for small dogs to come and big dogs when the small ones aren’t there.

The park also has plans to build a splash pad for children along with an amphitheater for events.

Another feature of the park will be the botanical garden. This park was selected to be home to all of the Louisiana Irises.

The park will be open to the public, however, they may charge for parking. It isn’t decided at this point, however. People also will be able to rent the area out for weddings and events. City taxes will not be raised as this is a donation-funded park. Once completed, the park is expected to create 80 jobs.

Looking to help out and volunteer? You can check out how to get involved on their website.