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Revolutionizing Healthcare Staffing: FleetNurse Launches Cascade FN, a Game-Changing Open Shift Management Solution

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EUGENE, OREGON, UNITED STATES, September 19, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- FleetNurse, a leader in healthcare technology solutions, is proud to announce the launch of Cascade FN, a powerful workforce optimization solution designed to address the ongoing staffing shortage in the healthcare industry. This innovative platform revolutionizes shift management, empowering healthcare organizations to enhance efficiency, productivity, cost savings, and patient care.

HCAP Partners, a San Diego-based provider of growth capital to lower middle-market companies, has once again demonstrated their confidence in FleetNurse's vision by providing additional funding in July 2023. The additional capital will play a pivotal role in advancing FleetNurse's growth strategy for Cascade FN.

Cascade FN introduces a comprehensive open shift management system that seamlessly integrates with scheduling software. It aligns with the internal staffing waterfall, allowing organizations to identify open shifts and efficiently match them with the right internal staff first, before cascading out to external resources. The highly customizable platform enables organizations to align with their HR and staffing policies while offering incentives and flexibility to attract and retain talent.

One of Cascade FN's key features is its robust communication and collaboration tool. The community "break room" fosters easy and efficient communication between staff and management, facilitating issue resolution and the sharing of vital information. The platform also provides advanced analytics and financial reporting, enabling healthcare organizations to manage staffing patterns, make data-driven decisions, create smart budgets, and gain insights into labor expenditure.

Cascade FN learns and adapts to staffing preferences, ensuring that internal float pool resources are prioritized to fill open shifts. In cases where internal staff is unavailable, the platform seamlessly extends the offer to external resources, ensuring shift coverage and continuity of care.

"The staffing shortage in hospitals is having a profound impact on patient care and costs," said Israel Angeles, CEO of FleetNurse. "Cascade FN is addressing this challenge by streamlining shift management and providing healthcare organizations with the tools and insights needed to optimize staffing efficiency and patient care, all while controlling labor costs."

FleetNurse is committed to empowering healthcare organizations with cutting-edge solutions. To learn more about Cascade FN and how it can transform your staffing operations, visit https://info.fleetnurse.com/cascadefn

About FleetNurse:
FleetNurse is a leading provider of innovative healthcare technology solutions. With a deep understanding of the industry's challenges, FleetNurse delivers cutting-edge software and services that optimize staffing processes, improve patient care, and drive operational efficiency.

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