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Stay Put Umbrellas Announces Moderate Wind Resistant Cantilever Umbrella

StayPut Umbrellas

Treasure Garden 10 x 13 Cantilever Umbrella Elevates Outdoor Durability with Sophistication

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, September 19, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Stay Put Umbrellas, the leading name in innovative and resilient outdoor solutions, today proudly introduced its latest marvel – the Treasure Garden 10 x 13 cantilever umbrella. This product is not just an umbrella; it's a testament to the brand's dedication to merging style with steadfast stability, particularly in challenging weather conditions.

From its inception in 2000, Stay Put Umbrellas, rooted in the personal experiences of its founder, James Medlock, has championed the cause of durability without compromising aesthetics. Medlock's frustrations with Arizona's potent winds propelled him to pioneer solutions that would stand the test of nature.

Beyond the sheer coverage of 130 sq ft., the Treasure Garden 10 x 13 cantilever umbrella boasts a myriad of features designed for user comfort and convenience. Priced at $1760, customers receive a holistic package inclusive of a mount kit suitable for various terrains and the added luxury of a Luna Bluetooth speaker light. This umbrella's canopy extends impressively, ensuring comprehensive shade. Its adaptable tilting capabilities and foot pedal release for 360-degree rotation keep users in perpetual comfort, shielded from the sun's ever-shifting rays.

"At Stay Put Umbrellas, our mission is to harmonize function with form. Our umbrellas are not just outdoor accessories; they are a statement of elegance that stands firm against nature's unpredictability," expressed James Medlock.

Safety remains an unwavering commitment. Equipped to handle fresh breeze conditions, the Treasure Garden 10 x 13 cantilever umbrella is built for wind speeds up to 25mph. During the tumultuous monsoon season or moderate wind speeds, users are advised to securely crank down the umbrella. Each size, from 8 to 16.5-foot, is crafted with utmost precision, featuring sun-fade-resistant fabrics like O'bravia or Sunbrella, ensuring longevity in appearance and performance.

Distinct from its competitors, Stay Put Umbrellas showcases a commitment to versatility. The Mobile Base, a prime example of this dedication, serves a multitude of purposes – be it supporting a flagpole, banner, or even festive decorations. This adaptability, paired with the umbrella's powder coating and models reinforced with steel braces, creates a product line unrivaled in durability and design.

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With a heritage rooted in resilience and innovation, Stay Put Umbrellas has been the gold standard for durable outdoor solutions since 2000. Located in Phoenix, AZ, they have consistently pioneered products that marry elegance with endurance, redefining outdoor luxury.

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