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New Exponential IT Research Concept Revealed by Info-Tech Research Group as Firm Kicks Off First Day of LIVE 2023 Conference

Exponential IT reflects a paradigm shift for IT leaders as they face a rapidly accelerating curve of technological change. To succeed in this new world, the IT research and advisory firm advises that IT must lean into the steep curve of exponential change.

TORONTO, Sept. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ - As Info-Tech Research Group's biggest event of the year gets underway with an opening keynote by Chief Product Officer Tom Zehren, the firm has announced its latest research concept, focused on the forward-thinking paradigm of "Exponential IT." The new concept is intended to address the ever-increasing demands of today's organizations, encompassing not just the rapid advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning but also emergent tech trends, digital transformations, and the strategies needed to thrive in an era of exponential technological evolution.

The firm forecasts that as organizations face an unpredictable future, being equipped with a dynamic and resilient IT framework will be the key differentiator between those who lead and those who follow. Info-Tech's Exponential IT approach will help organizations anticipate and react to the challenges of the digital age. The Exponential IT model promotes a culture where IT isn't just a department but a driving force, ready to harness new technologies, adapt strategies, and reimagine traditional workflows.

To drive this vision, Info-Tech's newly unveiled Exponential IT Research Center offers a collection of resources, such as the Exponential IT framework, topical research blueprints, and dedicated advisory services to guide and support organizations in their digital evolution and preparation for the future.

"With the technological landscape being reshaped at an unparalleled pace, IT leaders are increasingly faced with multifaceted inquiries, reflecting a growing curiosity and occasional apprehension about what lies ahead," says Tom Zehren, chief product officer at Info-Tech Research Group. "Our Exponential IT framework is not merely a set of guidelines; it is a transformative philosophy turning these challenges into opportunities and ambiguities into clear, actionable strategies. We are championing a movement to invigorate IT practices. The movement, centered around Exponential IT, will ensure a proactive alignment with future advancements and empower IT professionals to take the lead in this exhilarating era of digital evolution."

With nearly every industry undergoing dramatic changes driven by the fact that the technology curve has bent exponentially, IT professionals are finding themselves at the nexus of innovation and demand. In this era of autonomization in which capabilities are rendered autonomous and where change is the only constant, the firm advises that IT cannot simply be reactive; it must be visionary, and the need for an evolved IT philosophy has never been more urgent.

"We are at the knee of the curve in terms of the law of accelerating returns described by Moore, Kurzweil, and others. Gen AI is the current exponential catalyst, and future growth in chip design, communications, biotechnology, and more AI innovations will be the catalysts that will further accelerate the recent tech explosion," says Gord Harrison, senior vice president of research and advisory at Info-Tech Research Group. "History has shown us that IT leaders, with the help of firms like Info-Tech Research Group, have been good at keeping up with linear change. But today, this change is no longer linear; it's exponential. To remain relevant in the coming months and years, IT leaders need to grab hold of the exponential technological advancement curve and ride the momentum it is generating. Lean into the curve. Come out faster, stronger, and more productive than ever before."

The feedback and echo of shared experiences and challenges from the IT community and Info-Tech's clients, particularly around AI's transformative power and pace, has been the main driving force behind the new research. This shared narrative, as well as the observable trends of the rapidly evolving digital ecosystem, prompted the development of the firm's Exponential IT framework, which has been designed to be relevant across all industries and organizational sizes. While AI remains a pivotal influence in this shift, the framework acknowledges and addresses the broader spectrum of technological advancements.

"More than just a buzzword, Exponential IT represents a dynamic shift in the very DNA of IT thinking. It's not just about managing or responding, but about predicting, embracing, and innovating," explains Zehren. "Exponential IT is a wake-up call for leaders and organizations everywhere to harness the tremendous potential of tomorrow, today. In a somewhat unpredictable landscape, this paradigm ensures that IT isn't just surviving but thriving and leading the charge into a promising future."

The central theme for this year's LIVE event is Exponential IT, focusing on three key topics: Exponential IT, operational excellence, and leading through change. LIVE 2023 is the largest event in Info-Tech's history, with first-day keynotes from renowned industry experts Geoffrey Hinton, dubbed "the Godfather of AI," and Ray Kurzweil, known for his groundbreaking work in fields such as AI, text-to-speech synthesis, and optical character recognition.

In addition to enlightening keynotes, the event promises engaging workshops, networking opportunities, and breakaway sessions that dive deep into implementing the Exponential IT approach. Not only will attendees gain a theoretical understanding, but they will also leave with actionable insights that can be applied immediately to their roles and organizations.

Info-Tech LIVE and the research in the firm's newly revealed Exponential IT Research Center are ushering in the next era of technology leadership, ensuring that IT professionals have the tools, knowledge, and support they need to lead their organizations into the future confidently.

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