An EV startup from Italy called Aehra boasts former Lamborghini design chief Filippo Perini as a co-founder. The company has now teased its second model, simply dubbed the Aehra Sedan, and confirmed it for a debut at the 2023 Milan auto show starting June 16.

Aehra first burst onto the scene last November when it revealed its debut model, the Aehra SUV. The SUV, shown below, is slated to enter production in 2025 with the Sedan following a year later.

According to Perini, whose résumé includes the designs of the Aventador and Huracán supercars, the SUV and Sedan in production guise will be very close to the initial show cars.

“At Aehra, we do not believe in creating unrepresentative concept cars, so when we unveil the new Sedan at the Milano Monza Moving Motor Show on June 16, the car will look virtually identical to the final production model that will arrive in 2026,” he said in a statement.

Aehra SUV conceptAehra SUV conceptAehra SUV conceptAehra SUV conceptAehra SUV conceptAehra SUV concept

Much like the SUV, the Sedan will feature a smooth, sensual design that Aehra claims was inspired by classical Italian design principles and elements of nature. This is juxtaposed with high-tech elements such as slit-like LED headlights and camera stalks in place of conventional side mirrors.

The Sedan’s interior hasn’t been shown, but much like the cabin of the SUV it should feature digital screens spanning the width of the dash, with individual screens on either side displaying the images from the camera stalks.

Both models are being developed on a skateboard-style EV platform that Aehra said will enable it to deliver “new standards” when it comes to aerodynamic efficiency and interior space. Carbon-fiber composites will also be employed to help reduce weight.

In its latest update, Aehra said it has secured funding and established a clear roadmap for the delivery of its vehicles. The company also confirmed its target markets as North America, Europe, China, and the Gulf States.

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