Seth Linscombe

Yes, born and raised right here in Cajun Country……and I don’t eat crawfish. Now that we have that bit of awkwardness out of the way, Hi, I’m Seth.

I’m from right here in Acadiana (Jeff Davis Parish, to be exact). I attended UL Lafayette and after many changes in major, I graduated in Mass Comm/Broadcasting with minors in English and Music. It only took me 10 years too (that’s how long it normally takes for a degree, right?). I’ve been working in broadcasting for over 15 years, from being a radio DJ, to a production assistant for tv newscasts, and now I’m all digital. I’ve been working in the realm of SEO for the past 3 years, which has led me here.

I am the Digital Site Producer for Much like the rest of the digital team, I post stories that might interest you and rewrite press releases about news that informs you. I also make sure everything we put on our website has proper SEO. What is SEO? It stands for Search Engine Optimization. Basically, it’s making sure the stories and news we bring you actually show up when you search for it on the web.

I’m also one of those nerds you hear about. Movies, video games, comic books. Marvel, Twitch streaming, YouTube. Music, books, reddit. I’m into all of it. I always like to say everyone is a “nerd” about something. It’s just another word for passion. What makes you a “nerd”?

I love the digital realm. The world of digital marketing and SEO struck a chord with me and it’s something I both take seriously and have a lot of fun doing. My plans are only to continue in that direction, and maybe branch out. Who knows what lies ahead.

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