LAFAYETTE,La. (KLFY)– “I’m retiring from the macaron game after this one.”

Opened in 2019, Bonne Vie Macarons treated Gerald Gruenig to a first-class experience in this week’s Acadiana Eats. Bonne Vie is a specialty dessert shop that hopes to fill the gaps in a macaron-less day. Their French Macarons come in an assortment of flavors including: strawberries and cream, lemonade, chocolate ganache, birthday cake batter, and more.

Gerald Gruenig got his macaron fix with the Creme Brûlée Macaron, caramelized and twice filled with vanilla buttercream and caramel. He doesn’t think he has to taste any other macaron because Bonne Vie does them best.

Macarons aren’t the only thing they have to offer. Bonne Vie also served Gerald a homemade petit four. The almond flavored sponges are iced and topped with a buttercream rosette. Gerald says they’re unreal!

“The answer is yes– I would like another petit four.”



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