ACADIA PARISH, La. (KLFY) Chesley Citizen says she’s been fired from her job at the Acadia St. Landry Guest Home due to HIPAA violations.

“I have been a nurse since 2014. Two jobs between this one and another one, and I never been fired from either and especially for a HIPAA violation with that accusation my license is on the line,” Citizen said.

Last month Citizen told News 10 that a co-worker forged her signature for narcotics.

She has mixed emotions since the termination.

“Frustrated, aggravated, depressed. This is my first job I’ve ever been fired from,” said Citizen.

The matter came to light when family members of a patient expressed concern with the medication of their loved one.

“I talked to her last week about this; about her putting her name on that paper and being on the news, and she said that’s fine because she knows something is not right and we just want to find out what’s going on, and we can’t find out anything,” said Karl Menard, power of attorney of the patient.

Regarding the other nurse who allegedly forged her signature, Citizen said that she was suspended for two days.

“I want to make sure that in the midst of this mess, the client is still being protected, which I’m still doing, and I’m not even employed over there anymore,” said Citizen.

“If they okay with that liability, that’s fine, but the way it’s looking like its discrimination; that’s the word I hated to use. I hate to use that term, but the way it’s looking, I’ve been discriminated against because I spoke the truth,” said Citizen.

In regards to what will be next, Citizen said, “I want everyone that’s watching this to know that hiring me will not be a liability.”

“I want you guys to know that by hiring me that you’re going to have a nurse that’s going to follow protocols, she said. You’re going to have a nurse that is going to follow orders. You will not have a nurse that will violate any HIPAA violation.”

News Ten reached out to the Guest’s home and they said out of respect and privacy of their employees, they can’t add comments on why Acadia St. Landry Guest Home terminated her or the investigation of the forgery.