Former Crowley, Lake Arthur policeman found guilty of molestation of juvenile 8 years after initial charges

Acadia Parish

CROWLEY, La. (KLFY) — A former Crowley and Lake Arthur Police Officer has been convicted of molesting a young child eight years after charges were initially brought against him. A jury unanimously found Damon Broussard guilty to the charge of molestation of a juvenile under the age of 13 Thursday.

Broussard’s criminal file in Acadia Parish’s Courthouse weighs about 50 pounds according to Assistant District Attorney for Acadia Parish Brian Langford. It’s because he has multiple pending charges including juvenile rape, molestation, indecent behavior, and child pornography against him. None were closed cases until November 4.

“We do know that he was a police officer when these events took place,” explained Assistant District Attorney Brain Langford about Broussard. “He had everybody fooled,” Langford said.

A teenager brought the first charge of molestation of a juvenile under 13 against Broussard in the year 2013. She was eight years old when the crime happened according to her testimony. State Police picked up the investigation and soon afterward 5 other girls said ‘me too’, but their cases languished in court for almost 8 years.

When Langford reached out to the victims, he recalled, “They were furious. They were angry. They felt that they had been forgotten. They felt that law enforcement, the criminal justice system, that everybody had just let them down.”

Assistant District Attorney for Acadia Parish Brian Langford, under District Attorney Don Landry, took up the case earlier in 2021 and decided “enough is enough.”

“Some cases keep you up at night,” Langford told News 10. “I’ll admit. I broke the rule, the golden rule, I did get invested in the case…I knew in my heart that these girls deserved justice.”

Those six girls, now mothers, professionals, medical students, took the stand as witnesses Thursday, sharing the details, reliving the moments that scarred their lives. No physical evidence of DNA remained, just their testimonies, and after an hour of deliberation, the jury decided unanimously Damon Broussard was guilty.

“Ultimately, we would never gotten it across the finish line without the bravery and the courage and the truthfulness of these girls,” Langford said. “That was what made this case, and they are the ones that the whole community should be applauding. The community is safer now.”

The guilty verdict was for only one of Damon Broussard’s charges. According to Langford, Broussard will be sentenced at a later date, and a pre-sentence investigation could influence how quickly those additional cases are pursued.

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