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Sheriff's Department Responds to LPCC Booking and Bonding Delays


If you were watching Monday's newscast you know there were allegations employees of the intake and booking department at LPCC were spending more time on smoke breaks outside the jail than they were inside the jail doing their job.

As a result it also created problems for other law enforcement agencies who were trying to bring prisoners into the jail.

Tuesday the Sheriff's Department responded by saying the delays experienced on Monday were the result of a heavier than usual workload.

Lieutenant Craig Satnsbury told Eyewitness news that on a regular day employees in that department process an average of 40 people either into or out of the facility.

On Monday Satnsbury says the department's normal workload was more than doubled when it was called on to process one hundred and eleven people.

To make matters worse Satnsbury says one of the two printers normally used by those employees was out of order.

But according to one woman who was in there yesterday on a theft charge, let's call her Jane, the delays she witnessed didn't have anything to do with a broken printer.

There were also reports last night that officials in intake and booking told Lafayette police officers who were arriving at the jail with prisoners that because of the back log it would be hours before they could accept any new prisoners.

But Lieutenant Satnsbury says he found no one in the jail who admitted to making that comment to police.

One Lafayette bail bondsman says it's the worst he's seen in 20 years.

We are talking about the amount of time it takes to get someone in and out of the Lafayette Parish Jail.

Individuals TV10 spoke with outside the facility say people who have completed their paperwork, and have handed over their money, are waiting hours to be released.

To make matters worse the slow pace is also reportedly hampering the efforts of local law enforcement agencies to book people into the jail.

One individual we spoke with told Eyewitness News, Lafayette Police were told there was a back log of close to 50 inmates that were awaiting processing before any new prisoners could be accepted.

We spoke with one man who says he had been waiting for hours to get his friend out and was frustrated at the number of cigarette breaks the deputies working inside intake and booking were taking.

Jeremiah Rodrigue: "all the paperwork is done, I guess its a lack of paperwork and the origination here in Lafayette."

Chuck : "Now somebody told me they are frustrated by the fact they keep seeing sheriffs employees walk out here for smoke breaks, have you see that?"

Rodrigue: "Yes I have certainly."

Chuck: "How do you feel about that?"

Rodrigue: "Id like to cut that in half and maybe take care of their business.

Chuck: "Less smoking and more paperwork?"

Rodrigue: "That would be appreciated, that would be appreciated dearly." 

No one inside the jail was in a position to talk. But our camera did find plenty of cigarette butts where we were told deputies from intake and booking have been taking their cigarette breaks.

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