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Faces and Places of Acadiana: Dr. Adrien Stewart

She's recognized as one of Acadiana's leading dermatologist and with several decades behind her, Dr. Adrien Stewart is not slowing down. On this segment of Faces and Places of Acadiana KLFY News Ten's Darla Montgomery started the candid interview with asking Dr. Stewart how many years she's clocked in. 

"Oh, I don't tell that...that's like a woman telling her age." But she did eventually tell us how many years she been in practice.  Meet Dr. Adrien Stewart, a well known and respected Lafayette Dermatologist. She's been at it for a half century and has no plans of stopping anytime soon.  The New Orleans native has practiced in the Hub City for her entire career.  Her first love was her major, English Literature.
"I always loved sciences, but I also love Shakespeare, Wadsworth, Milton and Chaucer and etc.She says her dad told her she could teach or be a secretary...but science would prevail.
"One summer I worked for famous surgeon Dr. Walter Burdette who was a liason with Dr. Alton Oschner in determining that smoking caused lung cancer.  Back then I was one of 7 women in med school class and now it's almost even."
Stewart and partner Dr. Robert Romero have been practicing together for more than two decades at the Dermatology and Allergy Clinic of South Louisiana. The medical duo share so much more than office space - they are a team dedicated to their chosen field of medicine.
"Skin to me is fascinating.  It's the largest organ on the body and there are 3,000 diseases that flesh is heir to.  There's a lot  we can tell about the inside from the the outside.  We're able to diagnose a lot of internal conditions from the skin."
Unfortunately Stewart says it's not so easy to practice medicine these days...she adds, medicine is changing and not in a good way.
"Now we're being called by people in the insurances business...not a medical doctor but a healthcare provider...an HCP...is that to belittle us?"
And she says to make things even more difficult. "You have insurance companies telling you what you can prescribe or can't...this med is cheaper and will work.  Well duh, my years of experience have told me that the drug on that tier won't work." But Stewart says what works is the voice of voters. She would like to see a return of the once guarded and cherished doctor - patient relationship and not the intrusion of government, insurance and the big pharmaceutical industry.
Contact your physicians, lawmakers and tell them we'd like for the rules to change to go back...you know...uh...in the olden times things were better where you didn't have insurance or pharmaceuticals dictating to you what to prescribe to people. And despite that uphill battle, Stewart who has enjoyed more than a half century practicing medicine, has no plans on stopping anytime soon. Somewhere back in the 60's my husband got drafted, we went to Germany and I couldn't practice there so I think it was in the mid or late 60's we came back to Lafayette and been at it ever since...I'm just getting good.

Dr. Stewart is so dedicated to the Acadiana community, three years ago she started offering free skin cancer screenings. This year it is being held on May 17th at the Lafayette Community Healthcare Clinic on Jefferson Street. The public is invited to attend.
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