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Lawmaker Address School Board Woes


Lately Lafayette Parish School board Meetings have played out like a soap opera. Everything from alleged assaults to bribery schemes, even police being called. It's grabbed the attention by many, including one local legislator who says it's time we come up with a solution to the ongoing battle.

School board chaos has erupted over the past year in Lafayette Parish and with no end in sight one local lawmaker says it's time to re-focus.

"Nancy Landry: "I have a lot of concerns about the board and feel they have lost their focus on the children."

District 31 State Representative Nancy Landry says she will file legislation this session that could change how the school board is run.

Nancy Landry: "What my bill would do is allow the citizens of Lafayette to look at alternative options for school governance instead of just the traditional school board."

The bill would propose a commission of community members be formed to explore what options could replace the traditional school board operating now.

Options like a mayor-run school system or a combination of appointed and elected board members. The commission would then make a recommendation to be voted on by the community.

Nancy Landry: "This bill doesn't specify what sort of governance would come from the commission. The commission would look at ideas and be able to have options something that would make sure governance is focused on educations and not special interests and adult issues."

And when Superintendent Dr. Pat Cooper was asked how he felt about this bill, he didn't have much to say.

"Dr. Pat Cooper: "I respect representative Landry a lot. I'm not familiar with this plan but if she's thinking about it then it must be worthy of a thought."

"Nancy Landry: "It appears this system does not work for us, it's no longer focused on the children."

Representative Landry said even though her constitutional amendment is specific to Lafayette parish it would require approval by a statewide vote.

Landry also plans to file another Constitutional amendment that would change the election cycle for the school board, to the same cycle as the gubernatorial election.

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