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Fence angers Kaplan property owners


Some business owners in Kaplan are upset at their mayor after they found out a fence was being built directly in front of their property. All three businesses burned down last year from an accidental fire, leaving nothing left but a concrete slab.

The mayor of Kaplan Kirk Champagne says he's been getting calls from residence saying the vacant properties are an eyesore and needed to be spruced up. The mayor says he contacted the owners back in March about putting a fence up. He admits there was some opposition from some of them and that's why he built the fence on city property.

Champagne says the properties are right in the center of Main Street and something needs to go there to dress it up. Champagne stresses if economic development happens the fence will come down in a heartbeat.

Property owner Patches Bell says she wishes the mayor sat down with her and the other owner's to discuss options. Bell says she feels they are being disrespected and dismissed.  The $3500 fence was paid for through sales tax money.

A mural will be painted on the fence and gates will allow access through the front while the back remains open.

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