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Congressman Boustany discusses major issues


2013 is coming to a close soon and it's been a controversial year in politics. Weeks before Congress goes on holiday, there are still a lot of issues to tackle. Congressman Charles Boustany sat down with News 10 about what he finds most important as the year comes to a close.

It's been a busy political year for America, between the rollout of Obama care, the budget crisis and tax reform debates. And just weeks before the holidays, there's still a lot of solve. Congressman Charles Boustany, of the 3rd Congressional District, says there are major issues pertaining to Louisiana.

For one, the Farm Bill, which expired in September, needs to be renewed; otherwise, the agricultural industry will take a major hit.

"I'm hoping they can get this done by the end of the year," said Boustany. "Otherwise, it's going to create a lot of problems for our farmers who are going to get loans from banks for upcoming planting. Banks want certainty."

And part of the Farm Bill is reforming the food stamp program. Boustany wants to implement work requirements. But of course, the hot topic is and will continue to be the Affordable Care Act. Boustany has long opposed the law and as a former physician, is especially concerned about its far reaching effects on the industry as a whole.

"The Medicaid program here in Louisiana desperately needs to be reformed because it's not working very well," said Boustany.

Come January finalizing the budget is a must. Last month, the government shutdown cost America tens of billions of dollars. But, Congressman Boustany says he's confident that won't be happening again.

"If that's not agreed upon, you could potentially have another shutdown, but leaders in both the House and Senate on the Republican side have publicly said we're not doing that," said Boustany.

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