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Duson police pay increase requested

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The Town of Duson appears to be caught between a rock and a hard place. The police chief says his job is to protect Duson; but he says how can he make it happen with a low pay scale. A pay scale he explained that doesn't attract qualified officers. The chief took his complaint Tuesday to the town council.
"I'm going to have to hire someone off the streets or we need to up the pay so we can get more qualified individuals to work for the Duson Police Department," said Police Chief Frank Andrew.   

Chief Andrew told the council his staff is doing double duty. He's concerned that without a pay scale increase the chance of hiring qualified officers will be slim to none.  "When you got to patrol the streets and make sure all these businesses see a cop once or twice a day; we can't sit on the corner running traffic. I'm sorry," said the chief.

Andrew explained that offering new hires $11 an hour is not going to cut it.  The chief suggested the council approve a department pay increase of $2 per hour more. "I worked the last 22 days without a day off.  Lt. Isadore worked the last 15.  It appears we're going to be continuing for another few weeks," added Andrew.

"We get back to the office we got to do a report.  We got to log the evidence.  We got to put everything away; and oh we missed a school we wasn't there," explained the chief.

That's the bigger picture the chief argued. He calculated that 1,700 people are in Duson, 300 in the schools;  then there's the casinos and the interstate.  "It takes about five people to work a fatal crash. I mean. Yes, tickets are nice but we're burnt out right now."

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