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Cell phone issues at football games

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This weekend the Ragin' Cajun's recorded the tenth largest crowd in their history with over 28,000 in attendance, not to mention the uncharted number of tailgaters.

One person in attendance said, "When ever you would try to make a call, you would not be able to get through to your friends. It would not even bring you to voicemail, it would just automatically fail. So, you couldn't even give your friends a location."

This issue is not unique to the university, it's actually a nationwide industry problem when it comes to stadiums and arenas. With 28,000 people in the stadium, most of them have some type of electronic device collecting data. "In the systems that were designed and we now use every day, were not meant for that huge increase that people are seeing when they gather all in one place. So when you have 14,000 phones or tablets in one area they are going to overload the nearest antenna", said Eric Maron, Assistant Marketing Director of Athletics.

In 2012 AT&T spent ten million dollars on a distribution antenna system at the Mercedes Benz Superdome to make it easier for spectators to send and receive messages and pictures. although the solution is simple, it is expensive.

With the university's master plan, a new stadium is in the works and they are looking to solve the current issues as well as those that could become a problem in the future.

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