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New Iberia Fire Chief allegedly 'dodges subpoena,' faces suspension

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New Iberia Fire Chief Ronald Bourque is now facing five days suspension without pay for allegedly dodging multiple attempts to be served a subpoena at work.

The city's Fire and Police Civil Service Board handed down their recommendation Tuesday night following an investigation concluding that Chief Bourque acted inappropriately. Now it's up to Mayor Hilda Curry to decide when he will take his leave. But, there's no timeline for Mayor Curry to suspend him.

"She could ask him to take this five day suspension tomorrow; she could ask him to take his five day suspension a year from now," says Civil Service Board member Quinten Adcock. 

But, Marc McAnally, president of the New Iberia Firefighters Association, says Curry should act swiftly to set an example for those working under Bourque.

"Whenever a firefighter breaks a rule or wrecks a truck, within 30 to 60 days that firefighter is suspended. But, here the mayor can take as long as she wants to hand down the discipline; we just don't think it's fair," says McAnally.

The June 6th meeting the board wants to suspend Bourque for had to do with an issue at Firehouse No. 5 in New Iberia, about whether or not Capt. Glenn Guillote was being paid for duties he was performing outside his job description.

"I'm really not sure why he [Bourque] wouldn't have wanted to be at the meeting," says McAnally. 

McAnally says the chief made it clear, shortly before he was served, he had a prior commitment the day of the June meeting. He believes the chief had to take his wife to a doctor's appointment on June 6th, but could have handled the situation differently.

"I'm sure the health of his wife was his concern. We just felt there were other ways to handle it. He could have easily just accepted the subpoena and then called the secretary or the chairman of the board and asked to reschedule the meeting, which they would have been happy to do," says McAnally. 

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