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Water safety for kids


Saturday night 3 year old Cullen Guilbeaux walked into his grandparents pool and drowned. Family members and first responders tried to revive the toddler, but were unsuccessful. 

How can you avoid a similar tragedy? Some of tips maybe common sense. However, it's also common for people to not recognize that someone is even drowning.

"Install those things into your children. Repeat it all the time about water safety," says Debbie Delhomme. 

Delhomme comes from a family with decades of experience when it comes to teaching people, especially children how to swim. She says the first and the most obvious way to keep them safe around a body of water is parent or adult supervision. 

In a perfect world that would be all you need, but accidents do happen. So what would it look life if a child is drowning?

"They would be bobbing," explains Delhomme, "What I mean is, they may be able to touch the bottom but they're pushing up and down and they're in a panic mode so they really can't scream."

If you or your kid does not know how to swim, you can teach them how to react if they do fall into the water. Like turning and floating on their back while kicking to the side of the pool. 

"You can see with your eyes where you're going, and you can breathe. When you're in panic mode and your face is in the water, it's not safe," says Delhomme. 

Delhomme says arm floaties are not the safest thing for a child if they are not great swimmers. She does recommend using life jackets with a strap that connects underneath the child. 

"Floaties, a child can easily take off and throw them off where as a life jacket is kind of like they're in a car seat. They're locked in," explains Delhomme.

Candace Plauche grew up an avid swimmer, but wanted her two young children to learn those important water survival skills.

"It just gives me a little bit of extra confidence that if they do go under they know what to do. They don't panic," explains Plauche. 

Surprisingly, Delhomme also says a child's lack of swimming knowledge and anxiety around water can be passed down from their parents if they themselves can't swim. 

"Many accidents that have happened in louisiana, adults around the pool didn't know how to swim. Child is drowning, and they couldn't save the child," says Delhomme. 

If you are an adult who does not know how to swim Delhomme says instructors just like her offer adult classes.




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