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Student Teacher Fired After Comments


At Wednesday night's meeting of the Lafayette Parish School Board a student teacher used the public comment period to share his concerns over what he sees as a serious lack of discipline in the parishes public schools.

Thursday morning those comments got him fired.

Eyewitness News sat down with Derrick Comeaux to talk about what he said Wednesday night and why he and others think it shouldn't have cost him his job.

When Derrick Comeaux addressed the Lafayette Parish School Board Wednesday night he says he wanted the board and the general public to know what conditions inside many of the parishes public schools are really like.

"It's not just a few instances, it's multiple instances, it's an everyday occurrence and until somebody finally says we have to do something with these students who threaten teachers, who cuss teachers, who bully students, then our schools will never become anything but failing schools."

Comeaux, who's a senior at UL Lafayette in Social Studies Education, was required to spend hundreds of hours observing classrooms all over Lafayette Parish. Since January 15th he's spent hundreds more working as an actual student teacher in charge of a classroom.

Unfortunately Comeaux says he's found teaching frequently takes a back seat to struggling to maintain control of unruly students who are constantly causing problems and being written up, they're called referrals.

"You have students that have had referrals 30 times, 40 times, 25 times, multiple times for the same misbehavior and they are back in the classroom, has had multiple tardies, multiple violations of various types of school policies and you start seeing this and start wondering what's going on here?

The problem Comeaux says is there are no repercussions. Case in point, the student mentioned in this behavior intervention plan allegedly threatened Comeaux with physical violence earlier this year.

The student was sent to the school counselor who returned the student to class with a cautionary note saying; habitually tardy to class, treats authority with disrespect, harm possible to teacher.
Comeaux says school officials weren't content to let the student return to his classroom and only agreed to suspend the student when Comeaux threatened to take out a restraining order against the youngster.

On Wednesday night Comeaux never mentioned the school was Carencro high, he didn't mention any names either.

None the less the following day principal ken roebuck had Comeaux thrown off campus by the schools resource officers, an armed Carencro Police officer reportedly for criticizing the school.

Comeaux was told not to come back.

"You know it's disheartening when you have all this going on and you try to voice your opinion and people who are above me with more power retaliate. School board member Mark Babineaux who represents the Carencro area agrees.

School Board Member Mark Babineaux says: "For him to ring the bell on it or blow the whistle on the a situation that has gone under the radar so far I think it's admirable and on his part and courageous on his part and I think it's just a travesty that that would happen that he would be removed simply because of raising his voice to a very, very important concern to all of us, all the teachers, all the students, and all the parents in our educational community.

Thursday Gerald Carlson, UL Lafayette's Dean of Education, told Eyewitness News he will meet with Comeaux and others to review Comeaux's speech to the board and determine where to go from here.

Comeaux says he still intends to make his career in education.

We'll keep you posted.

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