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Patterson Cold Case Update

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A 60-year-old Patterson man, Glenn Lemoine, was found dead in the Charenton Canal in August 2010. His cause of death was listed as "undetermined," which led his family to go to great lengths to find out what happened to him. They even paid for a second autopsy that was performed earlier this year.  The latest report, done by an independent pathologist, listed his death as a homicide.

But Monday, the coroner in Jefferson Parish, Dr. Gerry Cvitanovich, stands by the original report. Cvitanovich says he and three other pathologists reviewed the case again Monday.  He said "undetermined" does not rule out homicide as a possibility, but because they could not prove with absolute certainty his cause of death, the case remains the same. But the family, who has been dealing with this for years, is still coping with the unknown and what they believe happened.

"He never gave up on us, so we'll never give up on him," said Amy Perkins, one of Lemoine's 11 children. "He was proud of us then, and we'll never let him down," added Denise Lemoine Bailey, daughter.

Lemoine's daughters have wondered for over two years how their father died. And since then, they've gone to great lengths to clear up a cloudy conclusion. In January of this year, they exhumed his body, for a second autopsy by an independent pathologist who concluded it was a homicide.

"(It's hard) To have his death come back as undetermined (originally) and deep down in your heart, you know something isn't right," said Bailey. "For us, to have to take on this, and do this (exhumation) ourselves, it's just, it's just unbelievable."

And seeing the latest findings from the pathologist they hired was not easy to read on paper. It only confirmed what they say, their hearts already felt.

"(It confirmed) what we thought all along, that something was done to him," said Bailey.

But more than anything, living with the unknown, is the hardest part.

"Somebody out there knows something about that night," said Bailey. "Please, give this family closure. Give us peace."

The St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office said today this is still an open, on-going investigation.

-Caroline Balchunas





New Info in Patterson Cold Case

A Patterson family has been searching for answers in the death of a loved one. 60-year-old Glenn Lemoine was found dead back in 2010 in the Charenton Canal off Highway 90. His death was listed as "undetermined."  The family had a second autopsy performed earlier this year, and Friday the report came back and the cause of death is what they suspected all along. 

 A cross still rests near the area where Lemoine's body was found in August 2010. His cause of death has remained a mystery, until now.  Back in January, the family exhumed Lemoine's body and hired an independent pathologist to perform a second autopsy.

And on Friday, the families' private investigator, John Abdella, released the findings, which ruled Lemoine's death as a homicide.

"This is a big finding and adds to the heartache and disappointment the Lemoine family has," said Abdella. "There's no way to describe that."

The initial autopsy, performed in Jefferson Parish, ruled Lemoine's death as "undetermined." However, the new autopsy concludes his death was due to "violence of undetermined means" then cited blunt force trauma to the head and spinal cord.

The family has spent over $10,000 of their own money for the second autopsy. They're hoping this will open the door to a more thorough investigation. Abdella says he's sent the findings to the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office and the district attorney.

"We hope we can get a break in this now," said Abdella.  "We're going to work honestly, diligently, and as courageously as possible."

In the meantime, the Lemoine family says they're coping with the news and plan to speak about the findings soon. The St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office and the Jefferson Parish Coroner's Office were unavailable for comment Friday.


-Caroline Balchunas




Reward Offered in Patterson Death

PATTERSON, La. (AP) - The family of a Patterson man whose body was found in August 2010 after he left a casino in Charenton is offering a $10,000 reward in the case.

Glenn Lemoine was last seen alive leaving Cypress Bayou Casino in Charenton early on Aug. 7, 2010. His body was found in the Charenton Canal, according to The Daily Review in Morgan City.

St. Mary Parish Coroner F.H. Metz ruled the cause of death undetermined after an autopsy. Lemoine's family had his body exhumed on Jan. 30 and the body has been taken to Birmingham for a second autopsy.

Lemoine's daughter, Denise Bailey, said the family is frustrated with the St. Mary Sheriff's Office investigation. The Sheriff's Office says investigators are still actively looking for anyone with information on the case.



Lemoine Cold Case Update

A Patterson family is going to great lengths to find out exactly why a loved one died in 2010. 60-year-old Glenn Lemoine's body was found in the Charenton Canal off highway 90, his car was in a ditch a couple miles away. The autopsy report listed cause of death as "undetermined", but Lemoine's children believe he was a victim of foul play.

Apparently Lemoine was not hurt after he ran his car off the road, and phone records even indicate he tried calling for help. But nothing seems to point to how or why his body was found in the canal, two miles away. And his family says law enforcement has swept the case under the rug, but a second autopsy may turn things around.

A reward poster firmly sits in front of the home of one of Lemoine's 11 children. It's a reminder there's still more questions than answers in his mysterious death. Over two years since his death, his daughters grieve over the unknown.

"To know your dad was found in a canal and his death undetermined, you want to know," said Amy Perkins, one of Lemoine's seven daughters. "It's always something you have in your mind."

Unwilling to accept the coroner's "undetermined" cause of death, the family started digging and uncovered pictures taken at the crime scene.

"That revealed to me something on there, on those pictures that definitely led us to have the body exhumed," said Denise Lemoine Bailey, daughter.

It's a huge step to uncovering why Lemoine really died. His body was taken four weeks ago to a lab in Birmingham, Alabama for a second autopsy. And preliminary reports point to what they've thought all along.

"The doctor excluded his death as a drowning and he has excluded his death as natural causes," said Bailey. "We do know there was trauma done to his body prior to his death."

The daughters say they've received nothing but road blocks from the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office, which initially handled the case.

After hiring a private investigator, they're hopeful the events of August 7th, 2010 will come to light.

"Please just give us closure. And more than anything, why did he deserve this?," said Bailey.

The Sheriff's Office did not look into the case further after the first autopsy came back. But the family and the private investigator feel strongly, after the final autopsy comes back in a couple weeks, the case's direction will change.

If you have any information on the events that lead to Glenn Lemoine's death, you can call Private Investigator John Abdella at (337) 235-0270.

-Caroline Balchunas




Lemoine Cold Case Update


A Patterson family is going to great lengths to find out why their loved one died back in 2010.

60-year-old Glenn Lemoine's body was found in the Charenton Canal off Highway 90, his car was in a ditch a couple miles away. The autopsy report listed cause of death as "undetermined" but the family strongly feels it was intentional.

For two years the Lemoine family has not understood why his death was listed as "undetermined."

The Saint Mary Parish Sheriff's Office initially handled the case but the family says the sheriff's office has put Lemoine's death on the back-burner. So they took matters into their own hands and that meant exhuming his body. About four weeks ago, they recovered his body from his burial site in Patterson.

His remains were taken to a lab in Birmingham Alabama where a forensic pathologist conducted a 2nd autopsy. Over the weekend, the family was notified of the preliminary findings. And it will still be a couple weeks until the full autopsy is complete.

But John Abdella, the family's private investigator whose helped them through this process says the preliminary findings do indeed contradict with the 1st autopsy.

"The children are under the same impression I am, that with technology today, that the cause of death can be determined. This man's body was found just 2 days after he went missing."

The family is hesitant to release the findings until the full autopsy is complete and they can get it in writing. The exhumation and autopsy was all done on their own dime. And once "cause of death" is determined, they will report their findings to the Saint Mary Parish Sheriff's Office.

Caroline Balchunas



Family Seeks Help in Cold Case 

A Patterson family is asking the public for help to solve a cold case from 2010.

Back in August of 2010, 60-year-old Glenn Lemoine's body was found in the Charenton Canal off Highway 90, his car was in a ditch a couple of miles away. Now, two years later there are still no leads or answers.

The family has hired a private investigator to look into the mystery.

News 10's Caroline Balchunas has the latest on the case in the video above.


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