Vermilion Parish teacher arrest causes misguided social media outrage

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) - People from around the globe are voicing their outrage about Deyshia Hargrave's arrest, but they are posting comments on the wrong Facebook page.

Bayou Vermilion District has received misguided outrage since the arrest of the middle school teacher.

Dr. David Cheramie, the chief executive officer for Bayou Vermilion District, explains, "A lot of people are going on to Google trying to find their website and they type in 'Vermilion' and 'district' and 'parish'. And apparently our website was the first one, or one of the first ones, to pop up so they went to our website."

People have posted their anger on the organization's Facebook page and have even given Bayou Vermilion District low ratings.

Their communications director was quick to notify the public about the confusion and when word got out that this was happening, community members rallied behind the organization and defended it on social media trying to clarify the difference between them and Vermilion Parish School District.

Cheramie tells News 10 he has found a positive despite all of the negative comments, "For us the silver lining was that, like I said, a lot of people came out to support us, to defend us, to tell the world that we are not that type of organization and [to] have people know exactly what we do here."

Bayou Vermilion District isn't the only one receiving hateful comments; Vermilion Parish Sheriff's Office has also received some backlash from people who think the arresting officer was a deputy. The sheriff's department has sent out a press release trying to clarify the situation.

Today, the BVD issued this statement.


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