UPDATE: Military rocket found in Youngsville home during narcotics raid, two suspects arrested

YOUNGSVILLE, La. (KLFY)- UPDATE: Two suspects have been arrested on multiple charges after a Wednesday raid of a Youngsville home.
Kim Gallent, 60, has been charged with prohibited acts, three counts of schedule II penalties and transactions involving proceed. He was released on a $38,500 bond.
Leslie Meaux, 45, was charged with schedule II penalties. She was released on a $2,000 bond.
ORIGINAL STORY: A narcotics raid in Youngsville turned into law enforcement finding a military ordnance inside of the home.
Three people were detained after a narcotics raid, which was led by the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Department SWAT team.
John Mowell with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Department explained said  after their initial raid the Metro Narcotics Task Force contacted multiple agencies about the ordnance.
"The United States military was called in, explosive ordnance demolition unit they came out here along with the ATF and Louisiana state police bomb squad," Mowell says.
Everyone was asked to move away from the scene for extra safety precautions while the ordinance was removed from the house, but Mowell ensured that the scene was safe.
"Were able to identify that the unexplodable ordnance was a military projectile that's known as an M7," says Mowell.
According to Mowell, the ordnance was a military training rocket. It is still unknown where the suspects got the rocket. Investigators say that once they process the ordnance more information will be released.
Military, state police, and ATF took the ordnance to another location where they detonated it.
According to the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's department, when the rocket was detonated they learned that the rocket was not a live explosive.
A spokesperson for the department did say that raid today went according to plan. No one was injured and they able the secure the scene quickly.

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