‘Smooth Ride' home program rebuilds hundreds of roads in St. Landry Parish

St. Landry Parish, La. (KLFY) - The ride to and from work is getting smoother and smoother in St. Landry Parish as the first two phases of an ambitious parishwide "Smooth Ride Home" road rebuilding are completed and now officials have annouced that they are nearing the start of phrase three.

"Smooth Ride is a visionary plan that Parish President Bill Fontenot says should be a model for the state and the nation.

"It's better than the U.S. or the state in my opinion," he said.

"We are upgrading our roads to a standard that will last for many, many years to come. This is work that has been needed for decades."

The list for phrase three consist of 70 miles of parish roads which will now bring the total miles paved under the parish' s Smooth Ride Home Program to 280 miles at a cost of approximately$ 65 million dollars since August of 2014.

The roadwork was made possible by a ( two) penny sales tax in rural St. Landry Parish that was approved by the voters in October 2013.


Albert Road From Daniel Meche Road to Dead End

Bailey Road From Lanclos Road to Dead End

Choctaw Road @End of Pavement( west) to 1, 965 L. F. to north/ east

Country Ridge Road From LA. Hwy. 31 to 1- 49

Credeur Road From LA. Hwy. 93 to Gills Road

Daniel Meche Road From Hwy. 742 to Albert Road

Devillier Road From Lanclos Road to Old School Road

Dufilho Road From LA. Hwy. 357 to Charles Fisher Road

East Prudhomme Lane From Opel. Corp. Limits to U. S Hwy. 190

Federal Road From MLK Jr. Drive Ext. to Government Road

Harry Babineaux Lane From Wisdom Road to Dead End

Hidalgo Road From Federal Road to Dead End

Honey Lane From LA. Hwy. 3043 to Federal Road

Hypolite Miller Road From LA. Hwy. 356 to LA.Hwy. 754

Lala Road From Lanclos Road to Dead End

Lanclos Road From LA. Hwy. 741 to Dead End

Longwood Drive From LA. Hwy. 182 to Last House

Lucien Richard Road From Old School Road to Devillier Road

M. L. K. Jr. Extension From LA.. Hwy. 749 to Federal Road

Mallet Road From Old School Road to Seven Arpents Road

McCarthy Lane From LA. Hwy. 357 to Beverly Road

Miller Road From Montgomery Road to LA. Hwy. 182

National Road From LA. Hwy. 3043 to Dead End

Rayne Road From LA. Hwy. 103 to 10, 722' to south

River Birch Road From LA.Hwy. 357 to Nap Lane

Savoie Road From LA. Hwy. 93( south) to LA. Hwy. 93( north)

Seven Arpents Road From Mallet Road to Old School Road

Wisdom Road From Desiree Road to U. S. Hwy. 190

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