Overcoming Autism: mother and daughter bake cakes for underprivileged kids

LAFAYATTE, La. (KLFY) - As a parent, part of raising your child is finding what their passion is. That can be a little more challenging when your child has a developmental disorder.

Doctors diagnosed Allix Chapman with autism when she was just two years old. Her mother Charlotte worried she would never be able to speak.

"She turned 5 and she still wasn't speaking and at that time most of the research said if they're not speaking by age 5 they will be nonverbal," Charlotte said.

Allix then spoke her first word, apple. From then on she pursued her dream of being a baker, unbeknownst to her mother.

Since high school, Allix has learned to bake and decorate elaborate birthday cakes.

"I like superhero cakes, animated, fashion, holidays, all kinds of things, every kind you want created," Allix said.

Allix takes these elaborately decorated cakes and gives them to underprivileged kids, even throwing them birthday parties planned especially for them. She bakes the cakes for kids at the Bridge Ministries, the My Special Day organization and for the homeless at St. Joseph's Diner.

"You make it happy and you decorate it. They love it. And it makes them special," Allix said.

Both Charlotte and Allix said they have no plans to stop anytime soon.

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