Nationally recognized emergency operations center relocating to Lafayette

Kellie Brown -  

A nationally recognized emergency operations center is leaving Baton Rouge and relocating to UL-Lafayette's research center.

 The facility works with businesses, the community and the government as a bridge of communication in the event of an emergency anywhere in Louisiana.


The concept originally developed in Lafayette, allows the LA-BEOC and The Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency preparedness to come together.


LA-BEOC has over two-thousand businesses registered and is the first of its kind in the nation, it also provides online tools to help members learn how to protect, train employees and how to support and connect with the community in the case of a disaster.

Director of the National Incident Management Systems and Advanced Technologies, Michael Dunaway

Says the concept of the LA-BEOC and NIMSAT was developed after Hurricane Katrina.  "To protect the members of the state, the citizens of the state, make their businesses more resilient and maintain the economy in the event of a disaster. But also help them learn how to protect their families and help them support the community,"


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