The search for Daisy Lynn Landry continues in Lafayette

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) - The search for Daisy Lynn Landry continues. Several non-profit and volunteer organizations have led searches since Landry went missing on May 25th.

On August 9th Malik Sheron Davis, a suspect in Landry's disappearance, was indicted for 2nd-degree murder.

At the time of the indictment, John Mowell, a spokesperson for the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office, said deputies were still working the case but Landry had not been found.

Before Hurricane Harvey hit, Cajun Coast Search and Rescue followed their dogs and ended up around the Camelia Bridge in Lafayette.

Commander Toney Wade says six different dogs brought the search groups to the same area.

"You are more likely to get struck by lightning holding the winning lottery ticket than six dogs being wrong. I mean it's just not gonna happen," says Wade.

Wade isn't certain if it is Daisy Lynn, but he says someone is definitely out there.

"We do know that there is somebody there. Whoever it is. If the Landry's can't get a closure on the case then someone else can get closure," says Wade.

The search and rescue team plans on searching again on Sunday. Wade says he has stayed in close contact with the Landry family throughout the search.

"Everybody's pretty much come to the conclusion that she is deceased, and I think the mission now is recovery.

They just want her home that way they can give her proper burial and have closure for the family themselves," says Wade.

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