New details released on man booked on 12 counts intentional AIDS exposure

We have new information about a Rayne man arrested Monday on 12 counts of intentional exposure to the AIDS virus.

I spoke with a detective with the Rayne Police Department, and here's what he told me.

Joshua Dugas of Rayne is charged with intentionally exposing the AIDS virus to a juvenile.

The police received a complaint from an adult saying the suspect was spreading the HIV virus. 

That tip led them to start the investigation.

They uncovered the victim is 14-years-old, and the act was consensual.

Police say the suspect did not disclose he was HIV-positive.

Police tell us the crimes took place in different locations around the town.

Now a background check of Dugas shows he was charged in 2010 of committing the same crime, not disclosing he was HIV-positive.

Once again it was consensual, but the victim was not a juvenile. 

Dugas was not convicted of this crime because the victim dropped the charges.

Dugas was also charged with possession of methamphetamine and marijuana. He was also in possession of a firearm.   

Dugas' bond is set at $75,000 dollars and he is being held in the Acadia Parish Jail.

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