Local Orthopedic Surgeon uses cutting edge technology to stop arthritic pain

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) - Arthritis can be a debilitating problem for patients. It brings widespread pain, often causing patients to move less and miss out on life.

Now, a local orthopedic surgeon is using a cutting-edge procedure to stop arthritic pain in the hip.

80-year-old Donald Hoffpauir is finally walking again, this time without pain. Doctors told Hoffpauir he needed surgery after a checkup with his wife. 

"They x-rayed both of us that day. They told her it's probably nothing too serious. And he said, but you have serious problems," Hoffpauir said.

Hoffpauir had shooting pain in his left hip all the way down to his knee, he thought stemmed from his back. Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Adam Perry told Hoffpauir needed a hip replacement right away, a procedure he says many patients are initially unsure of.

"A lot of patients feel that because they don't know they think we cut above and below and put something bionic in between," Dr. Perry said.

"I came in and I told them OK I'm ready for the surgery, but I want to know exactly what you're going to do," Hoffpauir said.

Dr. Perry uses the anterior approach for a hip replacement, meaning he goes in from the front of the hip. He said using that approach only results in a 1 percent chance of hip dislocation.

The Direct Anterior Approach goes between muscles, instead of through them, meaning surgeons don't cut any muscles or tendons. Previously, surgeons would detach a muscle and then have repair it after the procedure. The new anterior approach results shorter recovery times and less pain. 

"I have trained myself and have been doing the anterior approach for over five years now and I've truly never looked back in the way of how I care for my patients and when I think is best for them," Dr. Perry said.

Hoffpauir was off his walker after two weeks, he says virtually pain free. 

"I wish I would have done it earlier," Hoffpauir said.

Louisiana Orthopedic Specialists Dr. Perry was the first surgeon to perform the direct anterior approach for hip replacements in the area. It's now being used across the country.



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