Lafayette Police Department hosts community walk

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) - The Lafayette Police Department made a special effort to connect with the community this Monday night.

A community walk started at the LPD Precinct 4 on Moss St.

This is the fourth community walk that the police department has held over-all, but it's the first of 2018.

Chief Aguillard explains why they hold this event, "It's about building trust in the community and bridging the gap between the community and the police department."

He says this isn't the last time we'll see a walk like this one, "You'll see us walking for the next several months. When it gets a little hot during the summer we'll cease for a while and then in the fall [we'll] pick it up again."

And community members tell us they like the idea of having officers out in the streets connecting with the community. 

Ricky Carter, the senior pastor at Good Hope Baptist Church says, "Most of the time when they're out in our community they're either on their beat or they're either working some crime scene and so they're out today trying to connect with the community to show that they're committed to serve and to protect."

And Driscilla Benoit adds, "I love what they're doing connecting with the community. I hope everybody opens their hearts and their minds and let them in because they really are really great guys. The policemen in Lafayette are really great people."

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